Read a Book, Give a Book

Brasidas Books is a book seller and book collector for the Independent Library Network. See our collection on LibraryThing, AbeBooks, Ebay, and book sellers online.

Improve Your Home Library

Consider a family library plan -- build a truly inspiring collection, and don't be afraid to discard books that you don't need or won't read again.

Reading a variety of text everyday is good for you, but so is returning to a core collection of worthwhile books. We have suggestions for (1) building a home library of worthwhile books, (2) finding a community of readers who care more about timeless works of human thought and imagination, than about the latest trends, and (3) how to support advanced literacy.

During the month of December, if you buy a book through this site, we'll donate the entire commission earned to the Law & Literature Library. You can also purchase a book for the library from the wish list published on its site.

Reading Programs

Brasidas Books supports reading programs throughout North America that promote  advanvced literacy, a necessary compenent of healthy democracy.

Symposium Great Books Institute

  • Reading Our Constitution (January 2021)
  • The Education Quartet: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile (February 2021)

Socratic Paths

  • Socratic Paths: Jerusalem and Athens (January - April 2021)
  • Socratic Paths: Nature (May-August 2021)

Reading Odyssey

  • [TBA]